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To preface this, I am not the easiest person to work with and I am very demanding. Until I met Tracey I did not have much faith in the real estate agent industry and saw them as a commodity.


We interviewed 3 agents for buying and selling a house. One was the typical agent that put me off immediately. One agent was as dependable as a teenager. And Tracey came across as the perfect professional to work with from the start, which she validated at every interaction.


Our first meeting was at one of her properties that we were curious about. She was very polite and inviting. Welcomed us into the home and gave us a guided tour of all the ins and outs and nuisances of the property. Her phone had buzzed several times during the tour, but to my amazement she never answered it. This is my biggest complaint with agents. My time is mine and answering a phone when talking with me is rude and unprofessional. Because she didn't we were very happy with her.


Her attention to detail, and actually listening to our wants and needs was amazing. Most agents can't wait to get you steered to one direction or another, but Tracey actually listened and asked more questions and then gave examples of how she was understanding our desires.


Whenever she had a deadline, hers or ours, she met it early and we never had to remind her or ask her about anything more than once. Simply refreshing.


As we had been so impressed with her we asked her to list our house. She gave us some recommendations on what to do pre-listing our house and gave personal guided tours to everyone, and their agents, that came to see our property. With a open house and a week on the market, our house was sold in eight days for very close to what she said it would sell for.


We worked with her for buying our house as well, and during that experience she was the one factor that kept us sane and helped us through the entire process, which would otherwise have been an absolute nightmare.


I am very particular on whom I recommend to people and have never considered ever recommending a real estate agent. I can say with complete confidence that I would recommend Tracy hands down

Jon Hendrickson- Bought and sold a Single Family home in Holden, MA.

Helped me buy my first home! Did an excellent job walking me through the entire process. when I'm ready to buy again will definitely contact her again!

Bought a Condo home in Rutland, MA.